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Alles über die Informations- und Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten

Mit guter Beratung kann viel Zeit und Geld eingespart werden!

«Ein-mal-eins» für Töff-Fahr-schüler und -schülerinnen

Bilder «vergangener Taten», teilweise kommentiert

Das Highlight für jeden Töfffahrer und jede Töfffahrerin!

Hier findest Du alle Möglichkeiten zur Kontaktnahme

... was alles nützlich ist zu wissen !


Invitation on DEC 9 + 10 from 4 to 8 p.m.

Hello to all my english speaking student drivers

Every year we make an invitation for the seasons-end, to come together, have a drink, a little food and just to say hello before the year is over.


During the courses and lessons we take a lot of pictures. If you are interested to have some of them, bring your USB-stick (min. 4 GB) and the booklet with all your dates and courses and we look through the pictures we made of you.

MOTOMANIA-T-Shirts and calender

Holger Aue is the most famous german cartoonist in motorcycles. He is really good - also he is a good motorcycle rider: There was an event in France one year with a 24hour-races, only for non-professionals. He was in the winning team on a Honda CBR600, one of the four racers. Probably you have seen with me the big size calender with the funny pictures - you can buy it for Sfr. 25.- (the new one for 2015...)

2012 ist (endlich!) der Band 11 von Holger Aue erschienen, neu im Lappan Verlag. Diesen Band führe ich ab Lager im Verkauf zu Fr. 20.- Noch 4 Stk. am Lager (Stand: 08.12.19)

We would be glad to have you as guest

Please feel free to come and bring your wife, your friend(s) to our party. You will have a good time at «Tramstrasse 100», the first school ONLY FOR MOTORCYCLE-STUDENT-DRIVERS IN SWITZERLAND - since 1987!!!

Link to the pictures from last year

First evening, second evening from 2013

Urs Tobler and his helping team

Schlussfahrt - «season-end ride» 2014

Schlussfahrt - «season-end ride» 2013

Schlussfahrt - «season-end ride» 2012

Schlussfahrt - «season-end ride» 2011

Schlussfahrt - «season-end ride» 2010

One time more - close to 20 degrees with «Föhn»!

It was wonderful, just a great day to ride out together. We made 3 groups from 6-8 riders. This time we visited «Hohle Gasse» (picture) in Küssnacht am Rigi. After the apéro we continued our way along the famous «Vierwaldstättersee» from Weggis to Gersau, climbed on small streets up to «Obergschwend», the place we had our meal and finished the official program.

Schlussfahrt - «season-end ride» 2009

It couldn't be better weather then what we had!

It was wonderful, just a great day to ride out together. We made 4 groups from 5-8 riders. This time we visited the restaurant «Sternen» in Fischingen, the base of the courve-technique-course. In the neightborhood is a famous monastery. After the apéro we continued our way on small streets through a very nice scenery of the Toggenburg.

Schlussfahrt - «season-end ride» 2008

This was the «Apéro-Spot», an impressing view

One time more we had a very nice «Schlussfahrt». Scott was coming too and I promised him that he will not be alone - several people have been speaking english and I think he had a good day... For more pictures just «clic» on the pictures beside

Schlussfahrt - «season-end ride» 2007: 20 years

Klick on the picture!

All what you missed in 2007 - one reason more to learn at Tramstrasse 100! You will have good progress, good result - having fun all the year together with a lot of other motorcycle riders!

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