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Thanks, we can start now on Monday, May 11th :-)

Link [58 KB] to the full text  

Letzte Änderung am Freitag, 25. September 2020 um 23:17:49 Uhr.

This ducument [3'111 KB] shows how I am working: «Get the best value to be a good rider!»

temporary rules [45 KB] about learner permit considering duration etc. (important rules to know)

This is a translation of the main points which are valid for learner rider about L-permit in the corona virus crisis  

Link on «my agenda»

Link on our first «SPEZIAL-DO-Ausfahrt 2020»

Read the short report of Yannis who did his first THU-evening ride as an L-rider! 

«Good News» from the «Strassenverkehrsamt»

All places and offices are now available after Monday, April 27: More about it hier

2020 last chance to get directly on BIG motorbikes

What are the changes to start riding motorcycles in 2021 ? Read my text from the editorial of my «Schülerzeitung 2020» on page 2

Read more about the new rules for a new learner permit after 1.1.2021

Send me an E-mail, you will get your own answer

I often get E-mails from people who wants to learn to ride a motorcycle. As long as I don't know what is YOUR start, I can't give you the correct answer!
In Switzerland the law gives just a small part what is mandatory, on a very poor level. But at the test, the examiner is sitting on your backseat as pillion-rider and he feels just everything! It is impossible to pass a test with only the mandatory part - I am specialised in motorcycles, since 1982 I am giving lessons in motorcycles: SINCE 1987 I DO NOTHING ELSE THAN THAT! «Töff, Töff - nüt als Töff!»
So when you really want to learn properly how to ride a motorcycle, you are with me IN GOOD HANDS! There is nobody in the world who spent so many hours as a pillion-rider on the back of his student-riders, you can believe: About a third of the people learning with me are speaking English, people from all over the world!

«Click» on the picture or here [3'111 KB] to get the full texte!  

Get the best value to be a good rider!

So, you have the choice, if you want to start from the bottom up in safety and with the motorcycle which correspond to your level of riding skills, then contact me and you will get the details for your case.
How much that costs? If you call a dentist (my brother is one of them) how much will be the repair of our teeth, he will not be able to say any price unless he could have a look in your mouth ... Before you start buying anything, you can do a test-ride: You don't need anything, no learners permit, no helmet, no jacket to make a test-ride with me on a small (or bigger when your are experienced) motorcycle, what we call «Schnupperstunde». It is a double-lesson in a parking lot, after that ride a can tell you more.

You find me in Zurich-Oerlikon at Apfelbaumstr. 28

Since March 31, 2016 I am in a new place - after 29 years being at «Tramstrasse 100», which gaves the popular name to my school. It is very close from the old place, just above the street at Apfelbaumstrasse 28!

If you like to schedule a dare, look in my agenda when I am still free. It is published every day new, but it can be, that it is not done till lunch-time!


Every Thursday we are starting at Tramstrasse 109 at 7 p.m. for a nice ride: We are riding in small groups to a place, further away when the days are longer and the return on the direct way is never more than 1 hour to Zurich. Learners from a certain level can join us, because it is fun for everybody - we are driving not too fast, keep the speed limits, but we are not doing beginners-speed of 60 kms/hour when it allowed to ride 80! Normally I take the L-riders in my group. If you are not sure, if you are ready for these rides, then ask me before ... 

For more information «clic» on the picture

For more information «clic» on the picture

English brochure of the whole program

Click on the picture below and receive all details how everything is working in my school, it is not just for beginners - everybody in any stage of driving can get benefits from it!  

What are you looking for?

Start with NOTHING (any category)

I have motorcycle experience cat. A1, what does it need for cat. A?

Like to drive 125cc scooters (category A1)

I have driven mc for years (category A)

Getting a motorcycle license (cat. A non restricted)

I have 18 school-bikes from 50-1100 cubic

This is the machine everybody is doing «his first steps»: It is light (145 kgs), not powerfull (13 PS) and easy to drive - you have not to be afraid about anything.  For tall people I have another 125 cubic-machine, the 125-Varadero from Honda. It is like a big(ger) bike, but the engine has only 15 PS (cat. A1) The next bike then is the Honda Transalp, with 52 PS and 200 kgs (cat. A open) 

Link: Pricelist of lesson, course and motorcycles

Here you find the details to download as a PDF [235 KB] -document

I want to try, in the future, to give some advices in English language

For more details «click» on the picture below!

Infoletter: NEWS from Tramstr.100

Link for «Letter fall 2017» from Sept 22th, 2017 as PDF [501 KB] -Download

Join us on the last journey of THU-evening rides

Every THU-evening between May 5 till Sep 29 we had a ride, sometimes many groups with 6 or 8 machines and their riders. Our tour-guides know very nice small roads and after the ride we land in a nice restaurant or sometimes on a grill-site.

The second weekend in October normally, but this year because of bad weather conditions, the coming SUNDAY, Oct 16 will be the date for our last ride:
We start at the very nice restaurant Luegeten above Pfäffikon SZ, from 9 there will be a breakfast buffet (Fr. 25.- per p.) All others should be there at 10.45: We are putting groups together and every tourguide will have between 6 to 8 riders in the group. After 1 hour we will stop having a small Apéro and after another hour we will stop on a nice place: In the restaurant there (only the tourguides know the route and name) everybody can eat or just lay in the sun before individually going home. (The place will be somewhere in the «Innerschweiz»)

I need now your Anmeldung: Please send me number of persons coming (you can bring your motorcycle friends) and how many will be for the breakfast buffet! Send it to urs.tobler (at)

I must know it because I must order in the Luegeten-Restaurant!

It would be nice to have you as a participant on that nice ride.

Official «Ausschreibung» in German and Link to the «Teilnehmerliste»

For more information «clic» on the picture

For more information «clic» on the picture

For my English speaking customers

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Winter break from Dec 28 till Feb 28, 2014

In the time between Dec 28 and Feb 28, 2014 I will be in a big vacation: We fligh to Thailand, spend some days in Bangkok - after we are flying to Sydney, Australia. On the way back we will spend some more days in the south of Thailand, lying at the beach ... From March 1 I will be back for you, full of power! Milly is picking the calls in the time. 

to Invitation in English: Click on the picture

Infoletter: NEWS from Tramstr.100

Letter from March 6, 2014 as PDF [408 KB] -Download

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